Medium-Full Bodied
750ml / 13.4% ABV
It’s seriously delicious and jam-packed with flavour.
Light bodied
Full bodied
Fruity & Aromatic
Bold & Complex
Hints of this, or notes of that. Who needs them? This wine is both soft and sweet. It smells like cherries and dark fruits with a touch of spice. The grapes behind this wine grew in long summer days with plenty of sun, making them extra sweet and extra ripe.

Serving suggestions

Make the most of your Shiraz

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    How to serve

    Best served at 12°c poured straight from the bottle
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    Food pairing

    Delicious with a pizza or BBQ
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    Anytime, anywhere!

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Over my 40 years of constant wine drinking and on a quest of finding the right wine for my cellar, this is it. Deliciously smooth, sweet, flavourful.
Australian Jam Fan - Liquorland Customer